How to Enable Administrator Account in Windows 10?

You cannot make user account changes if you sign in with a regular account and don’t have access to an admin account on the system. Another important thing to note here is that only users with administrative rights on Windows 11 can change the account type of other users. So whether you want to elevate a Standard user to Admin or demote an Administrator account to a Standard user, you need to log in from an Administrator account to be able to do that.

We will also tell you about all important things to remember before granting administrative privileges to a standard user account. In the CMD window, type net user and press Enter to list all the local user accounts on your computer. You should note the name of the account that you want to change to Administrator. When you create an account for someone in this way, it’s called a local account.

Method 1 – Physically at the Computer

Follow the above instructions to sign into your local admin account. Many apps and games need administrator permission to work properly. To fully control your computer and make sure some apps run well, an administrator account is necessary. If you are running Windows 10, follow the methods in this post – How to Change Administrator on Windows 10? IDGYou can change a standard user account to an Administrator account.

  • Is there a way to just make my account the admin?
  • Keys, in order to capture a screenshot of the active screen.
  • Click “OK” after selecting the “Crop/Pad” filter.

To do this, go to Control Panel’s Hardware and Sound settings and, in the options, select the Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer check box and click OK. To update the Bluetooth device driver, go to Device Manager. Find What is a Windows driver? the Bluetooth adapter under the Bluetooth section and right-click it.

Check the option and click the button at the bottom. If Bluetooth is not set to , select / underneath Related Settings. Using your bluetooth audio device for music playback or calls via USB is not possible.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11, 10 (Laptop & Desktop)

In this article, we’ve covered how you can do that on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since 2008. In English literature from Valencia College and is completing a B.S. In computer science at the University of Central Florida. Click “Create Account.” Choose the new account from the list of users and then click “Create a Password.”

The recordings are saved in .MKV file and the same need to be remuxed to MP4 before you can use the recording. The recorded file is only saved locally and not on the cloud which means longer recordings will take up huge disk space. Here we show you how to use this built-in Windows 10 screen recorder resources to capture the visible content and audio from apps or the entire screen.

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